OtakuDay 2018 in Mexicali

On September 1, 2018, Mexicali held it's 10th 'OtakuDay' anime convention. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stick around for the entire convention as I left early on, but I did manage to take pictures of cosplayers, vendors, and events within the convention such as a dance competition. I filmed a bit of the convention, and … Continue reading OtakuDay 2018 in Mexicali

Da Phoenix Den: Episode 3 with EDJ Studios!!

Yes I know it's been forever, calm your feisty nipples. I sit down for another podcast adventure with two of the best artists in town, Jamison and Esteban, from EDJ Studios! We talk about the problems with the anime market, how to be a better artist, and what shows you should be watching. Boy did … Continue reading Da Phoenix Den: Episode 3 with EDJ Studios!!

REVIEW: ‘Batman Ninja’

Wondercon 2018 was a massive year for geek culture, cosplay, and guests. I was extremely excited to go there and do my best to represent the amazing things we have to offer here at Up Your Geek. Wondercon had a lot to offer including the World Premiere  screening of the new animated Batman film, Batman … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Batman Ninja’

YumaCon 2016

On November 12, 2016, Yuma, AZ had its second YumaCon. Once again, I had the honor of being press and covering the event like last year. The event was held in a different place than last year due to the first one having 1,600 attendants so this year's Con was help in a bigger area. … Continue reading YumaCon 2016

YumaCon 2015: Yuma, AZ’s First YumaCon!

Hi there! admin M here and it's about time I started writing this article. I apologize for delaying this but I've been busy this week. On November 14, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending Yuma, Arizona's first Comic-Con! YumaCon 2015 made history in Yuma with making this event. I had the honor of honing … Continue reading YumaCon 2015: Yuma, AZ’s First YumaCon!