REVIEW: ‘Batman Ninja’

Wondercon 2018 was a massive year for geek culture, cosplay, and guests. I was extremely excited to go there and do my best to represent the amazing things we have to offer here at Up Your Geek. Wondercon had a lot to offer including the World Premiere ¬†screening of the new animated Batman film, Batman … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Batman Ninja’


YumaCon 2016

On November 12, 2016, Yuma, AZ had its second YumaCon. Once again, I had the honor of being press and covering the event like last year. The event was held in a different place than last year due to the first one having 1,600 attendants so this year's Con was help in a bigger area. … Continue reading YumaCon 2016

YumaCon 2015: Yuma, AZ’s First YumaCon!

Hi there! admin M here and it's about time I started writing this article. I apologize for delaying this but I've been busy this week. On November 14, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending Yuma, Arizona's first Comic-Con! YumaCon 2015 made history in Yuma with making this event. I had the honor of honing … Continue reading YumaCon 2015: Yuma, AZ’s First YumaCon!