Ben Affleck Is Officially Out As Batman

According to an article on Deadline, Matt Reeves' 'Batman' movie will hit theaters on June 25, 2021 and will focus on a young Bruce Wayne; which means Affleck is out. Affleck further confirmed this news when he shared the Deadline article on his Twitter account and wished Reeves well on his version of the Caped … Continue reading Ben Affleck Is Officially Out As Batman

One Last Christmas Present

In typical phoenix fashion, I come back with something beautiful. One last gift from NYCC 2018, well more like THREE. You think I would go to one of the biggest cons in the country and NOT take tons of cosplay pictures?! Also, you're getting TWO full panels. The Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo panel IN … Continue reading One Last Christmas Present

Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Guest review by: Callum The Critic You can check his film blog here I am not going to open up my introduction with a typical comment on the DCEU because I feel like I have nothing new to say about it and I would rather stay focused on “Aquaman” himself. As far as heroes within … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Da Phoenix Den – Episode 5: The Art of Inclusion!

"Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!" - Alpha 5 Back from the ashes! I sit down with the man himself, the owner of Up Your Geek, Lamar Cain! We talk about Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, and why the f*ck we can't just get along!

Joss Whedon Departs From Directing ‘Batgirl’

According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Joss Whedon, director of Marvel's 'The Avengers', 'Avengers 2', and creator of 'Firefly', has reportedly departed ways with WB and DC. Whedon was slated to write and direct the solo 'Batgirl' movie, but has left the project due to him not having come up with a story, apparently. … Continue reading Joss Whedon Departs From Directing ‘Batgirl’

An Address To Warner Bros. Pictures

Dear Warner Bros. Pictures, As a long-time fan of your studio and the great films you've put out like The Dark Knight trilogy, Harry Potter, IT, and numerous others I've always had the highest of expectations for you. These are expectations that you've met and even exceeded in meeting. I can tell you right now … Continue reading An Address To Warner Bros. Pictures