Top 10 Doomsday Clock Moments

With Doomsday Clock #11 right around after months of delays, it's time to go over the best moments in the series and remind ourselves that this story is still ongoing. It's pretty tough to pick out what I feel is deserving of being mentioned so I tried to limit myself for one incredible moment per … Continue reading Top 10 Doomsday Clock Moments

New Comic Book Day: August 28th, 2019

Another Wednesday, all New Comics. Today we have some titles ending August in a blaze of glory! Absolute Carnage drops its second issue, further spreading the chaos that is Carnage, then the beginning of the Justice Doom War in on the way over in Justice League #30 and more in this week's NCBD from the … Continue reading New Comic Book Day: August 28th, 2019

New Comic Book Day: July 31st 2019

Another Wednesday, another set of new comics! Here's some of the highlight issues that have dropped today by the Big Two! 1) The Batman Who Laughs #7: Today finishes Scott Snyder's miniseries focusing on The Batman Who Laughs, and his goal to infect all of Gotham and turn them into Dark Multiverse monsters. Once again, … Continue reading New Comic Book Day: July 31st 2019

One Last Christmas Present

In typical phoenix fashion, I come back with something beautiful. One last gift from NYCC 2018, well more like THREE. You think I would go to one of the biggest cons in the country and NOT take tons of cosplay pictures?! Also, you're getting TWO full panels. The Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo panel IN … Continue reading One Last Christmas Present

Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Guest review by: Callum The Critic You can check his film blog here I am not going to open up my introduction with a typical comment on the DCEU because I feel like I have nothing new to say about it and I would rather stay focused on “Aquaman” himself. As far as heroes within … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Art Swoops In To Save The Day!

In the wake of a Hurricane Maria, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez teams up with a small army of brilliant creative minds to use comic books to save lives. With writers and artists such as Gail Simone, Reginald Hudlin, Tony Daniels, Bill Sienkiewicz, and many others, "Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico" is a powerful story of culture … Continue reading Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Art Swoops In To Save The Day!