Da Phoenix Den: New Content! New Concept!

During Episode 5: "The Art of Inclusion" with Up Your Geek owner, Lamar Cain, we went off too long into the wonderful world of shinanigans! Check out the hilarious and informative deleted scenes from episode five of "Da Phoenix Den" in a new concept, "The B-Sides"! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion-b-side

Da Phoenix Den – Episode 5: The Art of Inclusion!

"Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!" - Alpha 5 Back from the ashes! I sit down with the man himself, the owner of Up Your Geek, Lamar Cain! We talk about Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, and why the f*ck we can't just get along! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion

‘Swamp Thing’ Series in Development For DC’s New Digital Streaming Service

DC's upcoming digital streaming service simply titled 'DCUniverse' is possibly green-lighting a Swamp Thing series! The official Twitter account of DC Comics has tweeted earlier today that they plan to develop a Swamp Thing series with James Wan being attached to the project. Swamp Thing is being set for a 2019 release date on DC Universe, … Continue reading ‘Swamp Thing’ Series in Development For DC’s New Digital Streaming Service

Batman: The Animated Series’ Silver Jubilee!

25 YEARS AGO TODAY! On September 5, 1992, developed by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski; with the help of Paul Dini, and a host of talented writers and animators delivered what many people still consider to be the definitive interpretation of a towering pop culture icon with Batman: The Animated Series. Produced by Warner Bros. … Continue reading Batman: The Animated Series’ Silver Jubilee!

Arrow Season 5: Ep 2 – “The Recruits”

Through two episodes of “Arrow” season 5, one thing remains abundantly clear: This season is doing so much good stuff that seasons 3 and 4 should be insanely jealous of it. There is action, there is drama, and there are genuinely funny moments dispersed throughout. The Oliver and Felicity relationship is reminiscent of when our … Continue reading Arrow Season 5: Ep 2 – “The Recruits”

Grey Damon Has Been Cast As Mirror Master in ‘The Flash’

According to sources on Comic Book Resources, The Flash has cast Grey Damon in the role of Mirror Master, one of a number of Flash's classic rogues who hadn't yet appeared on the show, CBR reports. He'll be making his first appearance during the fourth episode of the third season. When he makes his way to … Continue reading Grey Damon Has Been Cast As Mirror Master in ‘The Flash’