3 ‘Alternative’ Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is upon us. The lights and decorations are going up, Christmas music is blaring through many radio stations, and Chanukah is in full swing. The end of the year is always a celebration of life, love, and showing kindness to those around you. The air is cold and the Winter is ahead … Continue reading 3 ‘Alternative’ Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season



ON JUNE 21, 2019 MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND… TILL THE END  November 12, 2018 – Orion Pictures will release the much anticipated contemporary version of the iconic horror classic Child’s Play, which was being held as Untitled Orion Horror, from Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures (MGM) in theaters nationwide on June 21, 2019, it was … Continue reading ‘CHILD’S PLAY’ REMAKE GETS RELEASE DATE…

Tim Burton: Master Of The Macabre Outsider

Every filmmaker has their own unique voice to their work, but more often than not they don’t have a distinct identity and style that is reflected upon in the visual language of their work. While they may have unique traits, their aesthetic may not be a defining feature and it could be easy for their … Continue reading Tim Burton: Master Of The Macabre Outsider

Why 80’s Horror Films Were So Much Fun

Horror films and Halloween go hand in hand and while I’ve been taking the time to enjoy as much delightfully spooky horror content as possible I also wanted to bring something to Up Your Geek that is worth a dissection and analysis given the time of the year. The 1980s was one of the most … Continue reading Why 80’s Horror Films Were So Much Fun

What Makes A Great Horror Film

It is October and that means The Halloween Season is upon us! It’s a perfect time to celebrate all that is fun within the macabre. It’s a celebration of everything spooky and it’s impossible for me to think of Halloween without thinking of the incredible film genre that is Horror. Horror film encapsulates the escapism … Continue reading What Makes A Great Horror Film

Phoenix From NYCC: Hellboy Panel!

The demonic panel comes to NYCC! I must say, the theater felt like a rock concert upon seeing the exclusive Hellboy footage. David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim, Sasha Lane, and creator Mike Mignola sit down to answer questions about their new action-packed creature feature, "Hellboy"! Listen to the remastered audio from the panel below! *Does … Continue reading Phoenix From NYCC: Hellboy Panel!

Phoenix From NYCC 2018: The Great Debate!

Presented by SYFY WIRE, the amazing Aisha Tyler hosts a hilarious debate event featuring Amber Nash, Orlando Jones, and Adam Savage at this years New York Comic Con! Along with Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me), Mallory O'Meara (The Lady from the Black Lagoon), and power couple Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley … Continue reading Phoenix From NYCC 2018: The Great Debate!