Ben Affleck Is Officially Out As Batman

According to an article on Deadline, Matt Reeves' 'Batman' movie will hit theaters on June 25, 2021 and will focus on a young Bruce Wayne; which means Affleck is out. Affleck further confirmed this news when he shared the Deadline article on his Twitter account and wished Reeves well on his version of the Caped … Continue reading Ben Affleck Is Officially Out As Batman


What We Hope To See In ‘Ghostbusters’ 2020

If you are a fan of 1980s cinema and popular culture in general it is incredibly difficult to escape the influence that the 1984 original Ghostbusters film had on cinema. The film brilliantly matched supernatural elements with impressive special effects and very well handled sarcastic comedy that is still instantly quotable to this day. There … Continue reading What We Hope To See In ‘Ghostbusters’ 2020

‘Survival of the Apocalypse’ – A Film by Anthony Caban

"Survival of the Apocalypse"... is about two best friends surviving through the night during the zombie apocalypse and encounters dangerous people. That is the basic premise of the up-and-coming director Anthony Caban's next film. 'Survival of the Apocalypse' will be an indie horror film which is set to release later this year. Caban has done … Continue reading ‘Survival of the Apocalypse’ – A Film by Anthony Caban

Why ‘Genre Films’ Aren’t Given The Respect They So Often Deserve

It is the beginning of 2019 which means it is officially award season for film and television. The 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards was just held with some of the most widely praised films of the year being put up for nominations and even some winning a few awards.  It was a milestone that Black … Continue reading Why ‘Genre Films’ Aren’t Given The Respect They So Often Deserve

2018’s Biggest Geek Films

2018 was another brilliantly chaotic and fascinating year not only in the perspective of the World itself, but in terms of film, art, and content for Up Your Geek. I had the incredible opportunity to join the Up Your Geek family to bring my own perspective onto this lovely website and to contribute during some … Continue reading 2018’s Biggest Geek Films

Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Guest review by: Callum The Critic You can check his film blog here I am not going to open up my introduction with a typical comment on the DCEU because I feel like I have nothing new to say about it and I would rather stay focused on “Aquaman” himself. As far as heroes within … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

REVIEW: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

One of the most iconic Disney films of all time is the classic 1964 musical Mary Poppins. It’s wondrous joy and magic presented encapsulates what Disney means to so many people. It’s a big musical with a lot of heart and charming performances from its leading stars that has earned a place in the hearts … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Mary Poppins Returns’