Da Phoenix Den: New Content! New Concept!

During Episode 5: "The Art of Inclusion" with Up Your Geek owner, Lamar Cain, we went off too long into the wonderful world of shinanigans! Check out the hilarious and informative deleted scenes from episode five of "Da Phoenix Den" in a new concept, "The B-Sides"! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion-b-side



This year’s New York Comic-Con is turning out to be one of their biggest ever, with more and more announcements coming everyday! Today we learn that Marvel Entertainment is doing it big this year and running full speed ahead! Check out the complete press release. Release: Marvel Entertainment is descending onto New York Comic Con … Continue reading ‘MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT’ TAKES OVER NEW YORK COMIC CON

No, Wonder Woman Will Not Be Rated R

Okay, there seems to be some confusion about this Wonder Woman: Director's Cut recently rated by the MPAA. To make things clear, this is not for the live-action film this year. This was for the animated film back in 2009. How would the Wonder Woman film that’s coming out this year have already been rated … Continue reading No, Wonder Woman Will Not Be Rated R

Logan review: A Future Classic

Guest review by: Callum The Critic Check out his film review blog here I think the first step of making a truly excellent piece of cinema is attitude. If you go down a checklist of the technical things that are considered necessary for good filmmaking and good storytelling, following modern conventions of cinematography, lighting, acting and … Continue reading Logan review: A Future Classic

Marvel Studios Has The Rights To Namor!

According to an article on Comic Book Resources, Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, confirms that Marvel Studios has the rights to Namor! Not only that but Quesada was recently on an episode of Kevin Smith's 'Fatman on Batman' where he confirmed this detail! You can check out the audio here. It starts around the … Continue reading Marvel Studios Has The Rights To Namor!

12 Days of Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds announces the 12 days of Deadpool. The actor in full costume as the Merc with mouth gives us a sneak peak each day, starting today, into the Deadpool movie leading up to an new official trailer release on Christmas Day. Watch the video below for the announcements. https://youtu.be/xdzhHQbVMZs Based upon Marvel Comics’ most … Continue reading 12 Days of Deadpool

The Nolan Way: “Criticism” on Dark Superhero Movies

Hey there, fellow freaks and geeks! M here with an opinion piece article. Now, something about this is that I have already wrote this for an essay in my English class but I have decided to post some of it here along with new input. What this will be about is how superhero movies have … Continue reading The Nolan Way: “Criticism” on Dark Superhero Movies