REVIEW: ‘Shazam!’

The DC Extended Universe has had some hurdles along the way. There has been a constant shift in casting, movie lineups, and a plethora of other controversies, which has been difficult  to ignore. While all of this may be true they aren’t without their smash hit successes and most recently Aquaman did quite nicely for … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Shazam!’


How Superhero Morality Can & Should Be Emulated

On March 15th, 2019 two Mosques in the small town of Christchurch, New Zealand were hit with what could only be described as a violent act of terror as a White Supremacist shot and killed 49 Follopeople. These were people with families who came to their place of worship like so many other people do … Continue reading How Superhero Morality Can & Should Be Emulated

Why Anime & Manga Are Difficult To Adapt To American Films

Japan has become one of the most influential nations. With their continued export of technology that has changed the world it is no surprise that they would be largely responsible for creating some of the most popular Art. The Gaming industry has thrived because of Japan’s innovations, but their more traditional mediums have also touched … Continue reading Why Anime & Manga Are Difficult To Adapt To American Films

REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering its Eleventh year as a forced to be reckoned with in the World of superhero cinema with countless entries under their belt and the popularization of previously underappreciated Marvel heroes. The series established the interconnected universe concept and they have been successful at doing so ever since. 2019’s first … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’

New Podcast Series “Will Return”

"We're in the endgame now" "Will Return" is a new podcast series from your friendly neighborhood D.A. Phoenix. I sit down with good friends to get into the psychology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This mini-series is an in depth celebration of film, comic books, and creativity, all leading up to the release of Avengers: … Continue reading New Podcast Series “Will Return”

How Gatekeeping Harms Geek Culture

The Geek Community is as vast and as broad as any community or fandom is. This community has the ability and potential to do so many good things and so much good has happened. I have noticed that people are drawn to geek culture for not only the art associated with it, but also the … Continue reading How Gatekeeping Harms Geek Culture

The Academy Awards And How They Have Been Hurt By Controversy

It’s 2019 and there seems to be a change in attitudes along with the change in time. It feels as if certain things are becoming less valuable to newer generations and it’s certainly palpable in all aspects, but a place where ideals are most noticeably changing is in film. Like any medium of art they … Continue reading The Academy Awards And How They Have Been Hurt By Controversy