What ‘My Hero Academia’ Gets Right

Anime is one of the most interesting forms of artistic expression in regards to cinema. Anime’s style comes purely from the cultural intricacies of Japan and its worldwide recognition and admiration has been felt many times over. It’s easy to see its influence in American media with one of the biggest being the Matrix series. … Continue reading What ‘My Hero Academia’ Gets Right

Gaming & Celebrities: The Complicated Relationship

Video Games are as valid an art form as any other form of artistic medium that exists. I’ve covered them quite a few times with my previous articles, but there is an element that seldom gets discussed in relation to gaming. The games themselves are the draw of the attention and often times the creative … Continue reading Gaming & Celebrities: The Complicated Relationship

The Need For More LGBTQ+ Creators In Media (Pride Month 2019)

It is Pride Month! A month to celebrate the accomplishments and the continued struggle the LGBTQ community have had to and still face in the pursuit of equal rights and treatment. The struggle of this community is finally being acknowledged on a much more broad level. While this is the case there is still an … Continue reading The Need For More LGBTQ+ Creators In Media (Pride Month 2019)

Jordan Peele: Master Of Modern Layered Horror

I’ve made in my previous articles my adoration for the genre of horror. I strongly believe that horror can so often be the most emotionally honest genre regardless of the medium. Horror taps into our psyche and it gives us a feeling that no other genre can. It looks into our ingrained fears that we … Continue reading Jordan Peele: Master Of Modern Layered Horror

Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was A Massive Success

Game Of Thrones ended its 8 Season long run this past Sunday which came at the heels of an incredibly divisive season. This past season consisted of 6 episodes that had several of them be as long as a film. It is no surprise that fans haven’t been missing an episode in this incredibly popular … Continue reading Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was A Massive Success