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Meet Anthony Caban, a young and up-and-coming filmmaker who has a passion for movies. One day, he hopes to go pro and help make movies for studios. In the meantime, he’s doing his own projects. At the tender age of 16, one can only hope for so much but, believe it or not, he’s already made movies of his own!

In this moment, he has his own production company by the name of Deadshot Films. The first feature film Anthony has made is called Zombies of the Dead which was released in 2013. Although not directed by him, Anthony did write, produce, and starred in this horror/comedy flick about a group of people who team up to fight zombies during a zombie invasion in hope to find a cure.
His second film entry, a fan film by the name of Justice League vs The Avengers was released in the Summer of 2014. There were problems on set when this movie was filming but the cast and crew managed to overcome this and finished the film. An extended cut of the film has been uploaded online for your viewing pleasure Anthony did serve as a director for this film.
His third film by the name Red Nation is a movie set in the year 1988 where a video game promoter is kidnapped by a man named Jordan Moretti who wants his money for the mistake he did to his wife but that leads to more trouble. Red Nation was released in March 2015 which wasn’t that long ago. Now, Caban and his crew have started working on yet another project!

The Junior Squad is an upcoming action/superhero film by Anthony Caban and Paul Rivera. Directed by the young Mr. Caban & Paul Rivera, and written by Anthony Caban and CJ Price, this movie is set to be released on January 16, 2016. Caban and his crew will be going to Tampa Bay Comic-Con to promote the film and get the word out. I myself will be helping as well as being an Executive Producer. Not only will this film be supported by Deadshot Films Pictures, but also by Six Fist Combo Productions, Killer Boss Pictures, TrueAudioProductions, and Millanaj Films. The first teaser for the movie can be seen here and the trailer for the film can be seen here
Filming for the movie is obviously underway as an official clip was released a week ago on YouTube.

First look at one of Caban’s characters in the movie:

A look at the main cast!


get bigger….

Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Also, stop by Anthony’s YouTube channel, his Facebook page, and stay tuned for updates only on Up Your Geek!


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