Doomsday Clock #11 Analysis (Spoilers)

The running joke by now amongst DC fans is trying to guess when this series will end. "2025? Wow, such an optimistic guess!" Well it's probably not going to take that long (I hope) and it's really anyone's guess when it'll actually finish. But for now, we have the penultimate issue and it's all coming … Continue reading Doomsday Clock #11 Analysis (Spoilers)

New Comic Book Day: September 4th, 2019

It's the first NCBD of September and this week has some amazing titles dropping! This week Doomsday Clock returns from its months of delay with its penultimate issue, the Justice League continues their war against the forces of Doom, House of X marches onward and more! 1) Doomsday Clock #11: Back from its delays, Doomsday … Continue reading New Comic Book Day: September 4th, 2019

Top 10 Doomsday Clock Moments

With Doomsday Clock #11 right around after months of delays, it's time to go over the best moments in the series and remind ourselves that this story is still ongoing. It's pretty tough to pick out what I feel is deserving of being mentioned so I tried to limit myself for one incredible moment per … Continue reading Top 10 Doomsday Clock Moments