2018 Triumphs Of Diversity In Film & Television

It wasn’t that long ago that I decided to give an in depth look at the importance of Diversity specifically in entertainment. I particularly brought up that things need to change and that having diversity in entertainment not only fosters better and more interesting art, but it also makes those that are audience member feels … Continue reading 2018 Triumphs Of Diversity In Film & Television


Da Phoenix Den: New Content! New Concept!

During Episode 5: "The Art of Inclusion" with Up Your Geek owner, Lamar Cain, we went off too long into the wonderful world of shinanigans! Check out the hilarious and informative deleted scenes from episode five of "Da Phoenix Den" in a new concept, "The B-Sides"! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion-b-side

‘Metal Gear Solid’: Traits, Themes, & My Experiences

I began my time here at Up Your Geek with a lot of hopes and a lot of goals. I wanted to explore new territories as a writer and I wanted to do work that would be engaging not only from a place of having fun, but also a place of smart analysis of popular … Continue reading ‘Metal Gear Solid’: Traits, Themes, & My Experiences


Something spooky this way comes according to Netflix’s 2018 New York Comic Con lineup. Netflix aims to delight fans with a full range of laughs and frights, and even a superhero to save the day! The hits just keep on coming with this year's New York Comic Con announcements and this new announcement from Netflix … Continue reading NETFLIX ANNOUNCES 2018 NEW YORK COMIC CON LINEUP


This year’s New York Comic-Con is turning out to be one of their biggest ever, with more and more announcements coming everyday! Today we learn that Marvel Entertainment is doing it big this year and running full speed ahead! Check out the complete press release. Release: Marvel Entertainment is descending onto New York Comic Con … Continue reading ‘MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT’ TAKES OVER NEW YORK COMIC CON

Da Phoenix Den – Episode 5: The Art of Inclusion!

"Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!" - Alpha 5 Back from the ashes! I sit down with the man himself, the owner of Up Your Geek, Lamar Cain! We talk about Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, and why the f*ck we can't just get along! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion