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UYG Reviews: Starfire #1

Hey there Geeks!

So, as some of you may know the new Starfire series had it’s first issue drop and it is fantastic. Some people may not have found it appealing like a lot of the stuff that was announced in the post-Convergence world but I tend to disagree with them now after reading this. Now let me just go right into this review since I am an amateur and I won’t bore you with a crappy intro.

Just let me start with the artistry within this first issue. It’s pretty detailed, simple, and yet it makes you admire the physical appearance of everyone’s favorite sexy Tamaranean. Not to mention how skillfully drawn her new outfit is, which some of have criticized as it is not overly exposing and risque like her previous outfits. I would like to disagree here as it honestly is just as teasing if not better than her previous stuff. It can be evidenced below. Not only that but an image such as this really foreshadows that she’s most likely not going to be that supposedly “dumb” and “slutty” bimbo that sleeps with every person in the DC Universe that she could get her hands on. She’ll be a real badass with a capital B. KoriandrNow let’s take a look at the story since that matters a bit more than the artwork.  I am going to go ahead and say that this first issue started out with a great vibe for her. It really explored her origins in a similar manner to that of Perez/Wolfman’s New Teen Titans, which made this Starfire fan extremely happy as her origin didn’t seem really changed at all. Not only that but I feel that when they planned out this issue, it was written within respect to those who may not know too much about her and thus anyone new to Starfire will get to see how she came to be on Earth and had a heroic beginnings while being a Citadel prisoner. It really comes off as if she’s already starting to get fleshed out as a female warrior who puts up with zero BS and maybe getting a Supergirl treatment. She’s new to Earth, she’s got powers, and she wants to also be a regular person when she isn’t fighting crime.

In this first issue, she befriends a police detective and this detective rides around with her to show her the ropes of being “normal” so to speak. They’ve definitely hit it off well and I am going to go ahead with my prediction  and say that they’ll have a relationship sort of like Olsen/Superman and Gordon/Batman. She’ll be acting as a companion to Starfire but Starfire will also be her companion, and I am not just referring to fighting crime either. At one point in the issue the detective is upset over her relative who died and Starfire does that good old friend thing and comforts it. She even cries over it too! This really is just a friend story as well as your typical hero comic especially at the end of the issue.

Now Starfire isn’t always 100% friendly and she is a woman who wants respect Around the same time when she’s relaxing in a bar with her friend she certainly demanded it from two guys who were very sarcastic and disrespectful with her. She just blasts them with her star fire blasts and shows them that a Tamaranean doesn’t put up with any BS from people. It sort of does vignettes of her and various things she does like kiss a person to learn “more English” and of course you can’t have some Starfire comics without some sexually teasing elements to that as well as the rest of this issue.

Like most DC Comics books it ends with a so-called cliffhanger in the form of a really, really, really bad storm. You can already tell she’s going to try her hardest to save the day in the next issue and it already has me excited to read the next issue as soon as I can get my hands on it. I really do not understand the hate that this comic got but whatever justification for it, people were dead wrong. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone wanting to know more about Starfire aside from what we see in the classic Teen Titans cartoon as well as those people who think of her as just a “dumb” and “slutty” bimbo.


STORY: 9/10

ART: 10/10

RE-READING VALUE: It’s like any first issue in my opinion and so it has a moderate to low value for wanting to re-read it.

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