RUMOR: WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara To Resign

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RUMOR: WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara To Resign


Things are allegedly getting heated up behind the scenes at Warner Brothers in the midst of the ongoing U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit as a result of the attempted merger between the multinational conglomerate AT & T and the mass media conglomerate Time Warner.

According to an anonymous source Warner Brothers is set to make an announcement within the next few days stating that the attempt to purchase Time Warner will be stalled for the moment.  This lawsuit has already had a drastic impact on Warner Bros’ stock price and has investors and partners on their heels. A United States politician, more specifically, President Donald J. Trump is making good on his earlier threats that he would block the deal which would inevitably lead to Congressional hearings where politicians would begin to scrutinize the studio and the company over the rampant abuse culture in Hollywood. At this present moment this is the last thing that the studio needs in light of the current commercial and critical reception of Justice League, the allegations of studio interference with their DC Extended Universe franchise, and the constant publicity being raised from the Department of Justice lawsuit. To avoid anymore negative press Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara reportedly told a Hollywood super agent also known as Bryan Lourd (the father of Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter) that he would resign from his current position at the studio and take up a new one in the Silicon Valley to avoid further pressure. Tsujihara has only been the CEO of Warner Brothers since December of 2013 after succeeding Barry Meyer.

Meanwhile, United States treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has been an executive producer or producer on several Warner Brothers films since 2014 and has financed many of their productions as well, has also reportedly said that if Tsujihara is to resign from his post due to conflicts of interest stemming overseas then he has the complete go ahead to form a “consortium” to take over the studio. Of course this is dependent on if Time Warner decides to fold over and work with President Trump to become a “knee-pad network” similar to Fox News due to the fact that Time Warner owns CNN, a news network that’s largely been critical of the American president.

If this rumor is indeed to be confirmed true then it does bode well for those who have largely been critical of Tsujihara and his management of the film studio and interference in the polarizing DC Extended Universe franchise that has been met with largely mixed to negative critical reception. At the moment though it is not known what sort of impact his resignation and the Time Warner/AT & T merger could fully have on the franchise if it succeeds.

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