Huge Jackman leaving Wolverine because he’s hungry?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hugh Jackman has said that the rigors of maintaining a certain diet have been making it difficult for him to continue as Wolverine.

Just think about this for a second… Since starting in the First X-Men film in 2000, Hugh Jackman has been the only actor known as Wolverine for nearly 2 decades. Some of you today’s fans were just toddlers or not even born when Jackman first cut through as Logan on the big screen. For some, he’s all they know.

Starring Hugh Jackman
“The Wolverine” Starring Hugh Jackman – Google Images

Now Jackman is bowing out after playing the character he’s made so popular in the mainstream for the past 15 years, Wolverine.

The third solo Wolverine movie will be in theaters in 2017. That will be Jackman’s last hurrah as the character, but in the meantime it’s rumored he could make cameo appearances in X-Men: Apocalypse or Deadpool. If true, Jackman will have made history in playing the same character a record 10 times on film.

“The Wolverine“ -Google Images
“The Wolverine“ -Google Images

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