Marvel Announces New Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Series


One of the greatest couple in Marvel Comics is about to get their second series together. Who is it? You guessed it! It is Deadpool & Cable! 

This brand new series will reunite the creative team of the original 2004 Cable & Deadpool ongoing series writer Fabien Nicieza and artist Reilly Brown.

Nicieza had informed  Polygon that the new series will focus on the theme of “love lost and love found,” saying, “It is about struggling through a life of regret and struggling through the soulful tug of conscience that nags at us as a species, tasking us to ask of ourselves, ‘Is this all I am? Is this all I can be? Do I have the courage to be more? If we fail to answers those questions for each and every one of our readers, then we will have failed in our assignment”

“Also, Deadpool shoots a lot of guys,” adds Brown. “Don’t forget that part!”

Now Split Second will make it’s official debut digitally, it will reach shelves in physical form beginning in December, with each issue containing two additional digital chapters of the series.

Nicieza guarantees that this will be a very nice way for people whose interest in Deadpool has been enhanced in light of the recent Deadpool movie trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds.

Split Second has what any good story featuring Deadpool and Cable needs to have,” says Nicieza, which includes the obvious bromance that exists between the two characters, time travel confusion, and a lot of body parts. Cable, though obviously not expected to appear in the Deadpool movie he has been hinted to possibly appear in the sequel.

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