RUMOR: George Miller Set To Make Superman “Furious” in Man of Steel 2

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RUMOR: George Miller Set To Make Superman “Furious” in Man of Steel 2

Looks like everyone’s favorite Kryptonian hero may just be getting a little furious. 

Recently it has been rumored that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller may be set to direct the sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel. This rumor came from another potential Superman director, Jon Schnepp, who just released the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Schnepp recently made an appearance on an episode of PopCorn Talk where he briefly talked about the idea of the widely successful and popular director directing a sequel to the film. Schnepp was very confident in saying that Miller would be doing the film without any doubt.

Schnepp did not disclose where exactly he heard the rumor or make any more additional comments on this tidbit of information but it’s still a very interesting and exciting theory if it does in fact turn out to be true. Especially since Miller is already a favorite of Warner Brothers after the critical and commercial success of Mad Max: Fury Road, and Zack Snyder will most likely be too occupied with the two part Justice League film to worry about plans for a sequel to what he started in the DC Extended Universe. Not to mention that George Miller was at one point in time, set to direct the original attempt at doing a live-action Justice League film back in 2008. So there is that and it would be very likely that WB would approach him for one of their DC projects to compensate for the 2008 failure as well as deliver another successful film with him as director.

Watch Schnepp discuss the possibility of Miller’s Man of Steel 2 on PopCorn Talk here: Jon Schnepp on PopCorn Talk

Would you want Miller to do a sequel for Man of Steel? If he didn’t do a Man of Steel sequel then what DC film should he do?

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