‘Jungle Book’ Swings into Theaters

Movie review:


Jungle Book follows the orphaned Indian boy Mowgli, who was raised by a pack of Wolves and had to maneuver his way through the jungle to join his own people.

The familiar story felt like a fresh take on a tale that we all know and love. The characters were great, albeit, they’re all animals except young Mowgli. Jon Favreau is one of my favorite Directors and he did an amazing job. The art was great & the cinematography was incredible. The CGI in this movie was extraordinary & the scenes with Mowgli and the animals were near seamless. Each animal came to life on screen like no other and it felt like watching real actors in the roles.


Bill Murray as honey loving Baloo was great, and Ben Kingsley as Bagheera rocked it. Scarlett Johansson was hypnotic as KAA; and Idris Elba voiced Shere Khan so well, I almost didn’t recognize him. Christopher Walken was a delight as King Louie and New comer Neel Sethi (although a bit green and overzealous at times) did a great job as young Mowgli in a cast of A list talent.


Let me not forget the jungle and its creatures, which sprang to life on screen. Jungle Book wasn’t too over the top and the runtime was perfect. Go see this movie, even if you’re not a fan. It was truly outstanding.

I give this movie a 9/10

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