[RUMOR] Haley Rumored For DCEU Role

haleyWell it appears that Warner Brothers is looking to pick up another Watchmen alum for a potential role in the DC Extended Universe. This time it is Jackie Earle Haley who portrayed the brutal and gravelly voiced vigilante Rorschach in Zack Snyder’s 2009 superhero action movie.

The news which comes immediately after the casting of Patrick Wilson as Orm/Oceanmaster in James Wan’s Aquaman and Billy Crudup as Henry Allen in The Flash who also starred alongside Haley in Watchmen, has fans wondering could he be playing a character in Justice League or another film in the franchise such as Ben Affleck’s The Batman? 

However, it is mere speculation at this current point in time but clues which indicate Haley’s casting come from current Geoff Johns’ Twitter account as Johns recently began to follow Haley on the social media site. It may feel like a far reaching idea but it is important to remember that Johns also followed Patrick Wilson and Joe Manganiello on Twitter shortly before it was announced that they’d be in the DCEU as Oceanmaster and Deathstroke.

This also is not the first time that Haley has been the subject of wide speculation as he was once previously rumored to be in the running to play Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman at one point.

Again, at this point it is a mere speculation. Other possible DCEU casting additions related to Geoff Johns’ Twitter account include Armie Hammer, John Cleese, Eiza Gonzalez (Gonzalez whom also stars alongside Jackie Earle Haley in Alita: Battle Angel)

Who do you think Haley could be portraying in the DC Extended Universe? Why not Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow in Ben Affleck’s The Batman? 

(Source: Reddit)

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