AT & T and Time Warner Merger Fails

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AT & T and Time Warner Merger Fails

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According to Deadline, the talks between AT & T and the United States Department of Justice have failed and they were unable to resolve anti-trust concerns over the pending Time Warner acquisition outside of court, according to a recently filed document.

The document disclosed that “despite their best efforts, have not been able to settle on the matter.” The document also laid out a schedule that was leading up to the planned March 19th trial.

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block the merger on the charges that the combination of the nation’s largest television distributor and one of Hollywood’s leading studios would be detrimental for consumers and competition.

AT & T’s lawyers have argued that this is false and are presently fighting to preserve the $85 billion deal and that the DOJ’s position on the deal “stretches the very reach of anti-trust law beyond the breaking point” and disregards 50 years of case precedent.

The AT & T and Time Warner merger has been a widely disputed issue since late 2016.

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