Fallout Shelter Mobile Game Coming To Android

FalloutShelterGet out your Androids, Fallout fans! Soon all of you will be able to create a vault of productive citizens with the latest news that has come out of QuakeCon 2015.

Additionally, this mobile game will have several new updates to it once the game drops on the Google Play Store for the Android. Some of these updates include Mr. Handy, a character from Fallout 4, will be added on to Fallout Shelter as well, for both iOS and Android users. Players can utilize him to collect all of their resources with ease, or to battle raiders when they decide to come out of the Wasteland. Pretty sweet! However, that’s not all that it’s bringing to the table, folks. The update will include things like Deathclaws and mole rats; in more understandable terms, there’s just a lot more fun stuff for fans to get immersed in until Fallout 4 releases on the consoles.

Fallout Shelter, as most Fallout fans and gamers already know, is a resource management game in a similar vein to Tiny Tower- only with a better story, and that signature humor that’s synonymous with Fallout. The game was a huge success on iOS, and now Android users will be rewarded with their chance to play it after a considerably long wait that tested their patience. Catch it on August 13th if you’re an Android user!

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