RUMOR: Star Wars: KOTOR To Possibly Get PS4 and XBOX One Remastering

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RUMOR: Star Wars: KOTOR To Possibly Get PS4 and XBOX One Remastering


Star Wars fans are in for a long walk down memory lane as rumors have begun surfacing that there is work being done on a remastered version of the popular Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic game for Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. 

Rumors have popped up online in several spots about a remastered version of Knights of the Old Republic. While the Star Wars classic certainly is still remembered fondly for its engaging story and high levels of customization, the chances of a remaster are slim to none.

Initially reported by website Cinelinx, this news supposedly comes from multiple different reliable sources. According to the author, some of these sources are GameStop employees. The rumors suggest that there will be an announcement by the end of this year, and we will see a release of “Q3/Q4 2016.”

While there has been an odd increase in Knights of the Old Republic activity over the past few years, this whole rumor just seems like a fake. Yes, it’s true there just was an update to Knights of the Old Republic II on Steam, and yes, KOTOR has had a mobile versioncreated recently as well. I doubt these are signs of anything more than a cash-grab attempt.

One of the biggest reasons why there probably isn’t a Knights of the Old Republic remaster coming is due to copyrights. With all of the recent dealings between EA and BioWare, as well as with Disney and LucasArts, it’s pretty unclear who would even be able to remake the game.

Speaking of recent dealings with Disney and LucasArts, there’s the whole Star Wars canon now in play. A vast amount of Star Wars content has been made non-canon, including Knights of the Old Republic. While this certainly isn’t a reason to hold up production, it certainly complicates things. Disney has really striven to get the “official” Star Wars timeline set up, and they probably aren’t too thrilled about releasing something that has contradicted all of their work.

In regards to the sources used in the original article, retail employees at GameStop could potentially know release dates ahead of time to prepare stock and things like that, but they wouldn’t know game announcement dates. Why would BioWare/Disney/whoever tell GameStop that they plan on announcing a game in a few months? That’s like if Warner Bros. told AMC that they were going to reveal a new Batman movie soon.

While it would be cool to revisit Knights of the Old Republic with a fresh coat of paint, that just doesn’t seem likely based on these rumors. Thankfully, we have a few other Star Wars games getting worked on, like Star Wars Battlefront and the Amy Hennig Star Wars game, that should keep us entertained for a long time in a galaxy far, far away.

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