Three Men Wrote Wonder Woman, And Why It’s Not A Problem

wonder woman wallpaper2

There was a recent article on The Verge about how Wonder Woman’s solo film being written by three men is an issue. They then went on about how Wonder Woman was created by male psychologist named Dr. William Moulton Marston with the influence of his wife, Elizabeth, and their partner, Olivia Byrne. Alright, fine. That may be the case but let’s not forget that Wonder Woman has been largely written by men for the past 75 years whether it be Marston, Greg Rucka, Brian Azzarello, or the great George Perez. They all did an outstanding job with the character that highlighted Diana’s independence, bravery, wisdom, and ability to bring hope to people of both genders across the world. Having men write the script for the film isn’t a huge problem as The Verge or anyone else thinks it is.

wonder woman wallpaper4

Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder both have a passion for DC comics and the characters, they know their source material. Johns knows the mythos more than anyone else. Heinberg is both a comic book writer and a prolific teleplay writer as well. He’s worked on JLA, Young Avengers, and, yes, even Wonder Woman. Snyder working on the story makes sense seeing as how he started the DCEU with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. The only major influence  women had on Wonder Woman’s creation was the growing feminist movement in the country at the time when she was created during the 1940’s in the World War II era when more and more women began to work in factories to manufacture equipment for the troops, serve in combat zones as nurses, and in some countries like Russia they actually saw combat action as snipers. There are plenty of women that are involved in this movie already because the director is a woman so how is it a problem that men are writing her?

wonder woman cast and crewI can’t wait to see what happens when they find out that the person who wrote Man of Steel isn’t from Krypton, or that George Lucas isn’t from a galaxy far, far away. Be happy that this film has a female in the director’s chair and the job of a director is to bring this film altogether. Be grateful that the cast and crew for this film has a diverse cast of females of multiple races and males of multiple races as well. That’s what Wonder Woman is about. She’s about feminism and equality. She wouldn’t want men to be unequal to women. She wants women to be strong and co-exist in the world instead of being isolated like her fellow Amazons on Themyscira are. That’s her message. Not hard to miss.

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