Batman Rebirth Vol 1: “I Am Gotham” Review

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Batman Rebirth Vol 1: “I Am Gotham” Review

Spinning out of DC Universe Rebirth #1, the first title I picked up was Batman. Having binge read all of the main New 52 Batman issues, I felt prepared for what lied ahead for the Worlds Greatest Detective. And what I came upon was nothing but awesome, yet somewhat awkward storytelling and equally awesome art with one of the world’s greatest superheroes at the center of it all….sorta.



Written by Tom King and art done by David Finch, Batman finds himself at a dilemma: whether or not Gotham needs him now that there are superpowered heroes protecting it. The story arc takes the focus off Batman and he now shares the spotlight with the new heroes in Gotham: Gotham and Gotham Girl, a brother/sister duo with powers on Superman’s level. Batman has no choice but to train the new duo, as he can’t risk these amateurs to fly around his city without self control and discipline. 

Tom King and David Finch, together, have been able to bring Batman into the Rebirth era with such ease, it’s easy for anyone to jump on here without reading any of the New 52 run. Batman and his new duo go up against what starts off with a terror attack on a landing plane by a Kobra cell, terrorist in the DC Universe, and later realize they’re dealing with Hugo Strange, who intends to make Gotham City rise from their fears and separate the weak from the strong and destroy what Batman means to the people. Originally set out to clean Gotham City, Amanda Waller recruited Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate to aid their mission, but Strange sensing an opportunity to “save” the city and defeat Batman, he kidnaps Psycho Pirate and uses him to revert Gotham and Gotham Girl to their innermost emotions. This sends Gotham into a rage and Gotham Girl into a fearful state. Batman then has to take on Gotham along with the help of the Justice League. At the end of it all, Batman is left with a mentally scarred Gotham Girl, a dead Gotham, and a mission that might lead him on a suicide mission.

The writing is done well, with the origins and Gotham and Gotham Girl mirroring Batman himself, aided by David Finch’s beautiful art. The duo have the potential to create their own classic Batman stories down the line. Vol 1 is a must read for anyone wanting to read Batman or jump into Rebirth without needing to read any New 52 issues. 

Rate: 9/10

Frankie Acevedo is a pop culture writer and reviewer for Up Your Geek. A super fan of DC and Marvel comics, he prides himself on having a love for comics overall. Frankie hails from New York, NY and is a currently a Video Arts Student in NYC. Opinions expressed are my own.

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