The Heartbreak of Bruce Wayne

In Batman #50, we saw the moment where Bruce Wayne was broken emotionally: he was left at the altar by Selina Kyle. He thought he had finally found happiness, something he didn’t think he would find in his life as Batman. Soon enough, he began taking it out on the criminals of Gotham, in one instance, going as far as forcing a false confession out from Mr Freeze by beating him until he caved in.

Upon arresting Freeze, Bruce realized he might have stepped too far, and got himself put on the Jury. Arguing against Batman’s methods, Bruce wants the people to realize that Batman isn’t flawless. Using this as a way to discuss his personal feelings about losing his happiness and used it to convince the jury to vote Not Guilty against Freeze.

In this issue, we also get a sense of Bruce’s religious beliefs. Growing up, he was raised to be Christian by his father even though he didn’t fully accept it. After his parents death, he lost that faith in a God that didn’t save his parents. Instead, he believed in a new God: Batman. He believed Batman to be all good, saving all those he can save and always there to prop up Bruce. But even Batman couldn’t save Bruce from losing Selina, and since then he has lost his faith in Batman. Regardless of his beliefs, Bruce now doesn’t want people, the just specifically, to think Batman is invulnerable to making mistakes; that he can’t always save people and that he’s as human as they are.

Bruce is in a low place after this issue, but he’s decided to start from scratch, telling Alfred to bring out his old suit. The Rebirth suit that Batman has worn reminds him too much of the night he proposed to Selina, and to wear his old suit means for him to start from beginning and build Batman from the ground up again.

Batman #53 is on sale now, written by Tom King and art by Lee Weeks.

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