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ConstantineThe fate of Constantine may still have a chance. 

As most fans have heard that Constantine’s Daniel Cerone was trying to propose the series to the CW who have reportedly denied the series entry into the network. This was evident in the series that were confirmed to make their return at the CW Upfront despite several CW stars such as Arrow star Stephen Amell who said he was willing to do a crossover with the paranormal detective from Liverpool.

Cerone has since then released these sets of tweets directed at his fans and how he is trying to stand strong and keep this show pumping.


If CW does not pick up the show then there is still a possibility that SyFy will adopt the show and re-title it as Hellblazer according to a news report months ago when the series was first cancelled by NBC who specified to viewers that they didn’t know how to handle the show and were just hopping on the “bandwagon” of successful comic book based television shows. Netflix is also another possibility as they have been known to pick up shows from networks in case they get cancelled and will finish wherever the series started. This was evident with AMC’s The Killing and when they purchased the rights to Fox’s Gotham which could be seen as their willingness to pick up a show that was predicted to have a very short-lived run on television. So I definitely think Netflix would be ready to pick up Constantine in a heartbeat and give us the Constantine that we want. They’d give us the darkest, grittiest, haunting, and suspenseful take on the character that would be accurate to the source material. Netflix’s ability to produce good content such as Daredevil guarantees they are more likely to do it.

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