GeeorjMusic: A Solo Plymouthian With Amazing Talent

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GeeorjMusic: A Solo Plymouthian With Amazing Talent

Hello there once again, fellow freaks and geeks! Here I am again writing something up for Up Your Geek. Like I said, Up Your Geek is about anything that has a fandom such as music, movies, video games, toys, comics, etc. All that cool stuff you like! It’s time I posted something in here again but I’ve been busy lately not to do so as often as I used to. I thought about what else could I write? Then it hit me: Music! As I stated above, music is included in this project and we’ve yet to write up anything like that. Here I am today presenting you with none other than Andy George otherwise known as Geeorj or GeeorjMusic. A solo Plymouthian who makes his music and uploads it to YouTube in the form of full band covers and also his own original music!

His name is Andy George (hence GeeorjMusic) He’s been recording/producing/writing music at the age of 14 and he’s been uploading his music online ever since 2011 or possibly before! His rise to popularity was back in 2012 when Static-X shared his cover video of the song ‘Push It’ and that’s when I discovered him. I’m unsure whether he is still part of the band Cherry Falls but you can check a video of them here. He mainly flies solo nowadays.

Geeorj has told me that he plays the guitar, bass, drums, but he prefers the drums since he is more pro at being the drummer. Sidenote: I’ve also joked about how he looks a bit like Drake Bell but he’s the metal version as I have told him. Moving on, another success is when the Mexican music magazine named ‘Grita Fuerte’ shared his ‘Push It’ cover on their official Facebook page. Now, besides uploading full band covers, Geeorj also uploads videos where he plays one instrument and does the cover to it as seen below.

You can see one of his full band covers below:

Now, he doesn’t just grab his instruments, cameras, and starts to jam it to a song by a known band and then post the video to YouTube. No, he also makes his own original music! Here’s the music video to his song ‘In Need of None’

Here’s another one of his original music videos which is also his first ever music video:

Geeorj has actually compiled his own original music into EP’s and has distributed them on CDBaby, iTunes, etc. His EP’s are titled ‘Corrupt: Vol. I’ (2013) and ‘Corrupt: Vol II’ (2014) which ‘Mutagen’ is on the first EP. One of his latest projects is compiling a list of his cover songs, remastering them, and making it an album titled ‘Take Cover: The Remastered Sessions Vol I’ which will be distributed online for free and will have a total of 12 tracks which include Opeth, Static-X, Mudvayne, Gojira, among many others. You can see the video below:

This man is truly talented in my book and was time he deserved an article here on Up Your Geek. Believe it or not but Geeorj has actually made us an original song! I asked him back in May if he could make us a song which sounds “sci-fi, techno, something where no man has gone before” and he delivered! The original song is only 33 seconds long but he also sent me the DnB, Soft Synth, Loops, and we use the intro song on our podcasts when we do them and also some versions of the song on our personal videos. Here is the song below:

My favorite cover of his would be his L’Enfant Sauvage cover by Gojira:

I actually prefer his version over the original. Heck, I think I prefer his versions over the original most of the time. That’s how good he is. He also made a tribute to Wayne Static in November when he covered ‘I Am’ and gave a special message at the end of the song. You can see the video here. All in all, the man is talented and he definitely deserves some recognition. We here at Up Your Geek make a shout-out to our friend, Andy.

Make sure to check out his website!

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