Update on the New Film Version of “The Crow”

As a lot of people know, the gothic graphic novel, “The Crow,” is returning to the big screen.  The project has been in development for a few years but not a lot has taken off the ground.  Earlier this year, the studio producing the movie, Relativity Media, filed for bankruptcy.  Luke Evans was cast for the lead role but dropped out and the same process happened with Jack Huston.  Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa, OK and not only was I able to meet the creator of the comic, James O’Barr, but I attended a panel he gave in which he gave his own backstory, the backstory of the comic, and news on the upcoming movie.  According to O’Barr, the movie is indeed underway with a hired crew and will be filmed in Dublin (movie tax reasons).  This movie will NOT be a remake of the 1994 movie but will actually follow the comic.  He also said that he has spoken with the director at length and that everything appears to be smooth between the two.  Lastly, who is playing the lead role and the release date are still up in the air.  I entered the panel thinking that the new film version was going to be terrible but O’Barr gave me and the crowd some real confidence in the movie and, personally, I’m now excited for the movie.

 Photo: “The Crow” comic 

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