My problem with DC animated films

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My problem with DC animated films


Okay, now this isn’t a full rant but a mini one on the DCAU (DC animated universe)
So here we go: I love the DC animated films to death but I am getting a little tired of DC mainly focusing on Batman for their animated feature films. I mean, yes, I love Batman but I feel his becomes DC’s cash cow mainly with the animated films. Why not have another Superman or Wonder Woman film? That Wonder Woman from (2009) one was fantastic! a must watch for any DC fan. Other films include Green Lantern or Flash. We’ve had two Green Lantern films, one Wonder Woman film, five Justice League films, four Superman films, and eight and rising Batman animated films. I think DC should at least try to expand their characters instead of focusing solely on Batman. Anyways guys, put your thoughts below 😊

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