Wonder Woman Review: The world’s greatest heroine done Justice.

With the Wonder Woman movie finally in theaters, fans are eager to see if the icon herself can be done Justice. Being that’s it’s her first solo film in history, the bar is set extremely high. But this film does not fail, and it delivers a story that’s sure to make fans worldwide shout with joy.

The film stars Gal Gadot as Diana, known more famously as Wonder Woman. After her scene in Batman v Superman was one of the universally favored parts of the movie, fans have been eager to see what she can bring to the role on her own. Gal carries the film with such innocence as Diana is exposed to the world of Man for the first time. A true fish out of water story, Diana’s mission is to stop The Great War, i.e World War 1. Accompanied by Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, the two display great chemistry as they work off each other during countless scenes of discovery for Diana. The rest of the cast add humor and humanity to the movie as Diana learns what it is to be part of Man’s world.

The villain aspect, which will be kept secret for sake of spoilers, is not the greatest in comic book history but it definitely puts Diana up against a threat that most heroes don’t go through this early in their heroic career. Despite this, the villains give the film a countdown as to when their plans will unfold and Diana is determined to stop them. 

The DCEU continues to grow and with Wonder Woman getting amazing reviews as compared to how critics ripped apart BvS and Suicide Squad, the DCEU now has momentum to work off as it readies for it’s next release in November, Justice League. Overall I rate the film a solid 4.5/5 and recommend fans and casuals alike to watch the film and support it.

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