Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Daredevil Panel!

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Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Daredevil Panel!

daredevil season 3 Poster

See no panel

Netflix’s show without fear drops its third season tomorrow, October 19th! Will Fisk pin himself to a kingdom? Will Foggy see through the shadowy lands of deception? And with a newly revealed elektrafying antagonist on the horizon, what can we expect from the master marksman himself? Now before I exhaust all of my Daredevil puns, stick your hand to that play button and feel born again as you listen to the remastered audio version of the Daredevil Panel from New York Comic Con 2018! Hear the moment when they announce the legendary antagonist live as it sent audible waves shooting through the room!

Netflix doesn’t like the term “Binge Watching”, so let’s call it “The See Train”! (Ok I swear that’s the last one).

daredevil season 3 Poster 2

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