Da Phoenix Den: New Content! New Concept!

During Episode 5: "The Art of Inclusion" with Up Your Geek owner, Lamar Cain, we went off too long into the wonderful world of shinanigans! Check out the hilarious and informative deleted scenes from episode five of "Da Phoenix Den" in a new concept, "The B-Sides"! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion-b-side


Da Phoenix Den – Episode 5: The Art of Inclusion!

"Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!" - Alpha 5 Back from the ashes! I sit down with the man himself, the owner of Up Your Geek, Lamar Cain! We talk about Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, and why the f*ck we can't just get along! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion

Revenge of The Blerds: Da Phoenix Den Episode 4 – Luke Cage Season 2 Spoiler Talk!

You thought I'd be gone this long and then come back with only ONE episode?!! Nah son. I sit down with fellow blerds Rob and Keyan to have a in depth discussion about the man of power himself! Did you watch season 2 yet?! You may have missed a few things. Check out this beautiful … Continue reading Revenge of The Blerds: Da Phoenix Den Episode 4 – Luke Cage Season 2 Spoiler Talk!

Da Phoenix Den: Episode 3 with EDJ Studios!!

Yes I know it's been forever, calm your feisty nipples. I sit down for another podcast adventure with two of the best artists in town, Jamison and Esteban, from EDJ Studios! We talk about the problems with the anime market, how to be a better artist, and what shows you should be watching. Boy did … Continue reading Da Phoenix Den: Episode 3 with EDJ Studios!!

REVIEW: ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’

2018 has been a massive year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War doing well not only critically, but financially as well. They both were shining examples of the best the MCU has to offer and while their year is beginning to wind down in terms of films there … Continue reading REVIEW: ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’

Venom In The Shell: Spoiler Free “Upgrade” Review

The problem with your generation is you damn serial killers and your new-fangled technology! Tremendous loss is a cage too many people find themselves in. You feel hopeless. Weak. Desperate to give up with no way out. Having something like a person or a body part taken away from you can feel like losing a … Continue reading Venom In The Shell: Spoiler Free “Upgrade” Review

Stephen Jones on The Phoenix Files

Hey Freaks and Geeks! On the first episode of The Phoenix Files on The Up Your Geek Soundcloud, I sit down with artist Stephen Jones about music, comic books, AND WHY THE LAST JEDI IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE NO EXAGGERATION AT ALL WHAT SO EVER!! Have a laugh and learn somethin' ya ninny! … Continue reading Stephen Jones on The Phoenix Files