One Last Christmas Present

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One Last Christmas Present

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In typical phoenix fashion, I come back with something beautiful. One last gift from NYCC 2018, well more like THREE.

You think I would go to one of the biggest cons in the country and NOT take tons of cosplay pictures?! Also, you’re getting TWO full panels. The Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo panel IN FULL HD VIDEO featuring TWO special surprise guests! The second being the remastered audio of the What We Do In The Shadows panel featuring Jemaine Clement, Paul Simms, and Taika Waititi!

I want to thank every convention that allowed us to be a part of their events and all the freaks and geeks in their awesome costumes! Of course, thank you to everyone who follows Up Your Geek as well as Da Phoenix Den.

Imagination is our greatest weapon against hate. It is in these worlds of wonder that hope can be found. We are the curators of sympathy and empathy. Storytelling has always been a tool used to educate history and emotion to the public, I am elated by the visions of so many people who love and learn from storytelling.

Let the next 365 days be filled with new fandoms, new tears over dead characters, new opportunities to openly feel emotion and share those emotions with friends, and new people who become inspired with new dreams or just maybe an old dream they let down years ago. Make new friendships. Make more art. Make dreams come true.


NYCC 2018 Cosplay!

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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Panel at NYCC 2018!!

What We Do In The Shadows Panel Audio! Look out for the series coming in 2019!
Shadows Pic 2

Shadows Pic 1

Writer. Musician. Nerd. Videographer. Probably pissed off about something as we speak. :D

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