Doomsday Clock #9 Review: DC Universe vs Dr Manhattan


After a series of delays once again, Doomsday Clock is back! And this time the story is kicked into high gear as the heroes of Earth confront the biggest threat they ever faced: Dr Manhattan!



As we left off last issue, Superman and Firestorm were involved in an incident in Moscow. The explosion that erupted from Firestorm turns out to have not been his own, rather from Dr Manhattan himself. With Superman in a coma, the Justice League, Doom Patrol, Green Lantern and other heroes follow the energy trail to one place: Mars.

As fans of Watchmen know, Mars is the favorite vacation spot for Dr Manhattan. The world teeters on the brink of Metahuman War and all heroes have left the planet, leaving it vulnerable for others to make their play. The issue is packed with action and moments fans never thought they would see. As the issue progresses, we are given answers to questions that were posed as the beginning: Who is the Director of Metahuman Affairs? Who and Where are the Justice Society of America?

We’re given answers or the lead up to the answers in this issue and it’s surprisingly good! I won’t say too much but it’s safe to say Doomsday Clock is going to have a severe affect on the DCU once it’s over. This story isn’t something people can just move on from. This is going to change heroes fundamentally. History in the DCU will forever mark this event on Mars as a turning point in their lives. The heroes couldn’t stop the villian, and the world is ever closer to destroying itself. The Super-Men Theory is true and now there’s no stopping the mobs of angry people. I won’t say more as I rather let you, the reader, read this issue yourself and figure out how this is all going to end. Hopefully #10 releases next month as solicited.

Doomsday Clock #9 is a 10/10, beautifully drawn, masterfully written and hands down the best issue in the series. The clock keeps on ticking….only 3 more issues left to go.


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