New Comic Book Day: July 24th, 2019

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New Comic Book Day: July 24th, 2019

Another Wednesday is here and that means it’s New Comic Book Day! Today sees the launch of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men overhaul, Sean Murphy’s Curse of the White Knight, and more! Let’s take a quick look at some of the hottest titles this week from the Big Two:

1) Detective Comics #1008:

Peter Tomasi continues his amazing run on Detective Comics with a issue that’s sure to make fans giddy with joy. The issue picks up with the Joker making his return to Gotham after being kicked off the Legion of Doom, and he decides to throw a carnival for everyone! But more importantly, it’s meant to be a party for himself and Batman, who receives a invitation from the clown himself. The issue is beautifully drawn, by Doug Mahnke, who really makes this issue his own. The issue is sure to give fans of old some Silver Age vibes while giving younger fans a quick story in which to see how crazy and zany Joker can be. Don’t miss this title!

2) House of X:

House of X begins Jonathan Hickman’s overhaul of the X-Men series and teams, looking to reorganize the mutants and place them in their proper place in the Marvel Universe. For those who haven’t read any or only a few X-Men titles (like me), this title offers a fresh jumping on point while also giving old fans an awesome new era for the X-Men. Pepe Larraz really gives it his all with this issue, having each character stand on their own, while also standing together as a team. This is going to be an interesting era for Mutantkind, and looks to change how mutants are perceived forever.

3) Action Comics #1013

Man, is Bendis proving the skeptics wrong. When it was announced that the Marvel superstar was moving to DC to take over the Superman and Action Comics titles, many were skeptical as to how well he would do. Since then, Bendis has proven to understand Superman and has since been on a roll, even as far as being given an event series, “Event Leviathan”. This week’s Action Comics is another example of how well he writes Superman. A sort of a tie in with “Event Leviathan”, the issue follows Supes as he continues his investigation into Leviathan, which has shaken the Intel community to it’s foundations. Syzmon Kudranski also adds a layer of mystique in certain pages when the investigation gets dark. Definitely recommend reading Bendis’ work at DC.

4) Amazing Spider-Man #26

If there’s one thing Nick Spencer can do, it’s getting to the heart of his characters. Despite his controversial “Cap Hydra” and Secret Empire event, Nick Spencer still proved to understand the character of Captain America at his core. So when he took over Amazing Spider-Man for a new series starting at #1, it was certain that he could also get to the core of Peter Parker. So far, he’s proven to do just that. This issue is fun, colorful, and overall a true Spider-Man comic. Kev Walker does his thing with the art, giving his characters a soft, yet solid look.

5) Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1

The sequel to2017’s highly successful “Batman:White Knight”, Sean Murphy is back for another round. This time, the threat is an ally in the main DCU, but who is now going to be tackling Batman at his own game: Azrael. Sean Murphy once again pulls double duty as writer and artist, with colors by Sean Hollingsworth. It’s sure to be as successful as the last series, even when this series is placed in the DC Black Label rating from the beginning, when the last series was added after the fact. The art is dark and gritty, and is sure to be giving us some classic pages to have blown up for framing in our Nerd Caves. Here’s to another awesome story!

And that’s some of my favorite titles from the Big Two on today’s New Comic Book Day. Now go out there and support your local Comic Shop!

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