“Joker” gets competition slot in Venice Film Festival

News came earlier that the upcoming Warner Bros/DC Films movie, “Joker”, has gained a spot in the Venice Film Festival. The Todd Philips directed movie has been seen as a potential arthouse event, especially when it gets to be shown at a premiere film fest. “Joker” will also be competing alongside other notable films at the festival, such as “Ad Astra” starting Brad Pitt, “An Officer and a Spy” by Roman Polanski, and many others. It seems to be this years Venice Film Fest will be an interesting one for sure.

Photo Credit: WarnerBros/DC Comics

To add to the news, those who have seen the movie are already praising Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, calling it the best performance of his career, which already had a string of high profile roles. This also brings to mind how well his Joker is compared to Heath Ledgers portrayal, which some still hold to be the greatest on-screen Joker.

Photo Credit: WarnerBros/DC Comics

Along with this news, new images have also been released, which only adds to the hype engine that is soon to be upon us. Perhaps with a new trailer, the movie’s ad campaign will begin in full. It’s also worth reporting that Todd Philips apparently pitched Joker to be the first in a series of films in a separate branch of DC Films, to cater to a more mature Elseworlds type brand of films.

Photo Credit: WarnerBros/DC Comics

Joker releases October 4th and will be rated R.

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