My Theory On The X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Movie!

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My Theory On The X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Movie!

Hello fellow geeks! Welcome to my first article on here. My name is Luis but you might know me as M. Today, I am here to talk about the possibility of an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover movie!

As you might have heard, there have been rumors about the potential crossover between the X-Men Universe and the rebooted Fantastic Four Universe. Now, this could be just a rumor for now but let’s look at the Fantastic Four and the whole basis of how the team managed to get their superpowers in the first place…

That’s right. Teleportation. Well, I believe it’s a bit more complex than that but that’s the answer in a nutshell. As a young boy, Reed Richards invents this device in his garage that he uses on his toy car to teleport it elsewhere. When he grows up, it seems that the device, now more of a machine, has been built and perfected by Reed and company. When Reed, Johnny, Sue, Victor, and Ben go inside to teleport into an alternate and dangerous universe, it seems that their lives have been changed. All of them have superpowers and Ben and Victor have had a drastic physical change. The team goes back to their own universe now changed by the events that happened. Now, bear with me that the sequel to the Fantastic Four movie is set to release in 2017 while the rumored crossover movie has a release date of 2018. That’s after the third Wolverine movie so we might not see Wolverine in the crossover.
In the sequel to the Fantastic Four, I imagine that the villains could be the Skrulls due to the fact that Galactus is too big of a villain for the second movie and also he has already been done. Terribly. I think it could be the Skrulls just for the fact that they’re aliens and to just show that there is life out there beyond Earth. After the sequel, the team could feel that they want their old lives back so Reed promises to fix things. Reed says that there could be a cure in the universe where they got their powers so they use the machine again. Instead of teleporting them to that universe, the machine leads them to the X-Men universe.

Fox owns both of the movie rights to these characters and their world. If the studio does decide to make a crossover film, then the writings above are my theories on how they could decide to connect the universes. Not to mention a long time ago when the studios unveiled their upcoming superhero movies, there was one on the 2018 timeline which said “UNTITLED FOX MYSTERY MARVEL FILM” so there is a little bit more proof that there is a possibility of a crossover movie. It could be Fantastic Four/X-Men or something else. Although, the evidence provided by many people including myself, all point to a Fantastic Four and an X-Men crossover movie.

What do you think of this possibility? Are you excited or not? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Writer/Editor/Co-Founder of Up Your Geek and a long time cinema lover.

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