Earth’s Mightiest Reflection

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Earth’s Mightiest Reflection

In 2012, I was sitting next to my mother, watching the first Avengers movie for the second time. The final battle scene was a spectacle of nerd shout outs and fantastically choreographed action. At the end of one particular sequence, Hulk and Thor land inside of a building, followed by a comedically timed Hulk punching a worn-out Thor out of frame. I heard my mother laugh. After all the hell and torment my mother had gone through, it was always nice to hear her laugh.

Sadly, that moment was the last time I would hear it.

Two years before my mother’s suicide, I was waiting in line for Iron Man 3 with my friends. We were surprisingly second in line to one beautiful humble soul. Killing time with a board game we had brought with us, we asked him to join. Later, Lamar Cain would help create a world that gave me hope.

The MCU is not just a fun film franchise to me. It is a marker of my darkest moments and my greatest moments. I have changed so much since Iron Man, and so has the world around me. Ten years later, I am stronger, more informed, and dare I say…happier. This franchise has given me friends in which we will be a part of each other’s lives for many years to come. After meeting Lamar, I have experienced so many things I would have never thought I’d experience. Writing for a news site, videography, and being able to witness what a beautiful family looks like.

I got to finally see a true version of Spider-Man and witness the renaissance of Black filmmaking and social awareness through Black Panther.

Combined with other life experiences, it has been a crazy yet surprisingly fulfilling ten years.

Thank you, MCU.

Thank you to my friends and family.

Thank you, Comics.

Let’s enjoy this moment…”together”.

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