Super Geek Review: Funko Vinyl Soda

Super Geek Reviews w/Jamie Madrox

Super Geek Review: Funko Vinyl Soda

Jamie Madrox talks Funko’s newest vinyl venture…SODA!

Back again with another Super Geek Review it is I, your demented pal in quarantine Jamie Madrox. On this edition of SGR, I’m going to be delving into Funko’s newest vinyl venture…. ladies and gentlemen, let’s geek out about SODA!

Barney Rubble Vinyl Cans

You read it right, the mega manufacturer of Funko Pop collectibles has brought us a new delicious vinyl offering in the form of their new SODA line. Packaged in what looks like a “pop” can or “soda” can (depending on where you’re from). Needless to say, there is no drinkable liquid in these collectible cans of goodness. No, not a drop…but instead just inside each top opening can is a snuggly packaged blind bag vinyl 4.25″ figure and collectible disc, and both are 1 in 6 chase variant options!

With 19 different characters spanning everything pop culture from thundercats to dc comics’ own batman in the first offering, the selection is definitely there.

Batman and Lion-O Vinyl Cans

The figures are “highly tooned up” versions of some of the world’s most beloved characters ever the—set up alone sounds better than the final product purchased in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I have and will collect every incarnation of a character or series I like. With that in mind my purchase was not all bad and the can actually makes a great shelf filler. The vintage graphics on each can are expertly dissected from my memory banks, the Hanna Barbera characters down to Lion-O all look exactly as their cartoon counterparts did back in the Saturday Morning Cartoon Days…just as vivid and perfect while keeping an esthetic sure to line up nicely on collector’s shelves and displays!

The chase options, albeit more rare and most likely more valuable, are for the most part offputting and nonsensical to me, but the “thrill of the hunt vibe” while unboxing is much MUCH appreciated.

So in summation the 4.25″ figure is meh on sculpt and chase options but the collectible pog like disc was different and interesting as a bonus! The packaging takes the cake for me and could easily become a nice place to keep all your change, or accessories from loose action figures, lint balls, barbie doll heads and any other type of wild and interesting things you’d like to keep safe! 😉

Buy the characters you like before they’re gone and triple the value, and I hope all your blind bag and vinyl pulls are Chases.


Jamie Madrox is one half of the hip-hop/horror-core rap duo Twiztid. His stage name is an homage to Marvel Comics character Multiple Man. Jamie is not only a talented musician, but a self-proclaimed Super Geek and co-creator of Astronomicon an annual pop culture convention in Sterling Heights, MI. Jamie will be writing pop culture Super Geek reviews at Up Your Geek while under quarantine for your reading pleasure. Check out

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