Did You Know?

Once Upon A Time…

Screenwriters, comic book writers, and even fan- fiction scribes were given the opportunity to work with ‘Superman Reborn,’ as Peters tried to make it more ‘Matrix style’. Shockingly, Will Smith was offered the part, but turned it down, forcing Warner Bros. to decide that another reboot was necessary.

With the ‘Batman’ franchise also suffering, since the fail of Batman & Robin, WB/DC opted to relaunch both characters in one film. Hiring the Oscar-nominated Wolfgang Petersen to direct, ‘Batman vs. Superman’, which took place in a world where Alfred, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon are already dead, and Clark Kent and Lois Lane have divorced. The two bitter caped heroes would team-up/fight each other over the combined threat of Lex Luthor and the Joker.

Bale was already being prepped for Batman, while sleepy-eyed Josh Hartnett was Petersen’s pick for the Big Blue Boy Scout. The project fell apart when Petersen left to direct ‘Troy’… Interestingly enough, some elements of this forgotten film may appear in the Zack Snyder directed Dawn of Justice…

The More You Know…



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