Prison Break Event Series Is A Go On Fox

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Prison Break Event Series Is A Go On Fox

prison-break-streaming1You are in for some good news, Prison Break fans! Fox has confirmed that there is a Prison Break revival is coming with stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller both making their comebacks to the show, according to sources at EW.   “I would describe it as a bit of a sequel, it picks up the characters several years after we left them in the last season of the show,” Fox Chairman and CEO Dana Walden said at the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour. “The brothers will be back. Some of the iconic characters from that show will be back. It definitely will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series and for a new audience… It’ll start after where we left the Scofields in the final season.”

With that being said, this does bring up some important questions about Wentworth Miller’s character, Michael Scofield, who was killed in the direct-to-video finale The Final Break. Currently Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman suggested that writer Paul Scheuring may just choose to ignore the events of The Final Break in part or in whole which may cause continuity issues downrange.

“I don’t think he’s going to completely ignore what happened in that episode, but what he pitched to us was a very logical and believable explanation in the world of Prison Break for why are character’s alive and still moving around the world…He had a very detailed incredible story for why these characters become relevant again and why they’re back.”

The new Prison Break is still in early development stages, but Newman and Walden seemed confident that the series would be picked up once the 10-episode arcs were mapped out. In the meantime, Miller and Purcell are set to star as Heat Wave and Captain Cold, respectively, in The CW’s The Flash spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow.

Are you excited for this? What do you think will bring the Scofields back together? Are you worried about this series having continuity issues?

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