The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018!

Benjamin Franklin’s Pesky Lightning Powers Strike Again!

Hey Freaks and Geeks! Your favorite weird uncle, Phoenix had the opportunity to visit The Athens of America to immerse himself in TGPCC! If that sounds like a drug, that’s only because art and good vibes are addicting. The list of artists and special guests was joyfully overwhelming. Even more surprising was just like in the city, everything you could ever want was a short walk away. Tons of comics? Check. Awesome cosplay? Check. Famous TV and movie actors that are living embodiment’s of the shred of childhood joy you still desperately cling to? Tear soaked check!

What I love about this con is I feel like it’s the ultimate mid-size con. You get the big names without the big lines, all the comic books you could ever ask for, more fantastic local art than you can shake a Bob Ross at, and merch…oh the merch!

I asked a black Superman how he felt about the convention and he simply echoed my warm fuzzy feelings about the positive easy-going atmosphere. I would imagine a con with TV stars would have felt far more hectic, but luckily that was not the case. Walking up to Luke Cage or Black Lightning felt like meeting them on the street while waiting for the crosswalk signal to change. Now how much of that had to do with it being Sunday? I have no idea. But my personal single day experience left me squealing like a teenage girl.

If you haven’t attended The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, take a moment and just sit right there. There’s no need to argue, let me help you understand.

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