The Best Of San Diego Comic Con 2018

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The Best Of San Diego Comic Con 2018


San Diego Comic Con is one of the largest conventions in the World. Every year there are thousands of people who flock to Downtown San Diego to let their nerd pride show. They go there in all sort of costumes and they are extremely excited to either enjoy the large hall of vendors and booths. They also camp out for days waIting to get into line to see some of their favorite stars grace one of the numerous panels promoting movies, television, and comics. It’s a massive event and it’s often used as a place to announce big things in entertainment or show off trailers for the first time. I usually get an opportunity to attend every year, but this year I was an outside observer. With that being said I’m familiar with how the show tends to operate and as an outside observer the things that were released to the public were all awesome in their own way. Every year has something special and there was a lot of great things this year, so here are a few of the biggest and best things that came from SDCC this year. It’s a great time to be a geek.

The Clone Wars


Star Wars: The Clone Wars was an extremely popular show that ran for 6 Seasons on Cartoon Network and was cancelled not long after Disney acquired the rights for Star Wars as a whole. It was loved by fans for it’s smart storytelling and excellent execution of the characters. This show is loved far more than the prequel films were because of how the creative team handled it. While the show continued in a form for the Rebels series for Disney fans were still upset about the end of Clone Wars. In a brilliant move it was announced at SDCC this year that the series will indeed be returning and  continue the adventures that were left open. While some Star Wars fans have been disappointed with Disney’s direction, it was a smart approach to bring back a show as loved as this was. It will be exciting to see the continuation of the prequel era narrative and maybe get an opportunity to see some connections to Star Wars Rebels. This was one of the biggest surprises of the convention and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

DCEU Movie  Trailers


Warner Brothers makes sure that every year it comes to SDCC it brings something special. The presentation for WB is unlike anything else in utilizing the multiple surrounding screens that Hall H has. It’s a massive spectacle and some huge announcements have been made over the years especially concerning DC’s movies. The biggest things that were shown to people beyond the space of Hall H were the first trailers for Shazam and Aquaman. Aquaman is set to hit theaters later this year and the trailer was exactly what was needed to get people excited for this film. With the extremely talented Jason Momoa in the lead the film seems to be unique for the DCEU mixing fun action with some humor and an interesting story as well. James Wan’s first entry into the superhero genre already looks like it’s going to be a smash hit with his excellent direction. It certainly made fans excited for the very first Aquaman film.

In another trailer release we got to see the very first footage of Shazam. Shazam tells the story of young Billy Batson who is given the magical power to transform into a superhero to do good in the world. The first trailer gives a look into what is expected to be an incredibly fun comedic superhero movie set in the DCEU with an emphasis on a much more lighthearted tone than some of the DCEU’s other films. The main characters are kids and the trailer does an excellent job at showing Zachary Levi being charming in the role of a child suddenly given the powers of a superhero and the body of an adult. It is certainly one of the most highly anticipated films given this shift in tone and a somewhat change of direction for the DCEU. There will be a lot more footage and hype as it gets closer to the release date, but this first look provided enough of a tease to keep people interested until more can be shown.

Godzilla King of the Monsters


The Cinematic Universe Trend of filmmaking have yet to hit as big a numbers as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has, but the Universe that contains both Kong: Skull Island and the Godzilla franchise are building to something special. Kong:Skull Island set up the link between the Universe, but Godzilla: King of the Monsters may just tie everything together in a much more obvious manner. The trailer for this new Godzilla feature was unleashed upon the internet at the same time as people in Hall H saw it for the first time and it made a huge impression. The aforementioned trailer showed a majority new cast with some returning faces including seeing Godzilla himself. While he is great in his own right the film aims to add some other famous Toho monsters including Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. The inclusion of these legendary characters is not only fitting for a sequel, but also extremely exciting for fans of these giant monster movies. It will be a spectacle to see all these iconic monsters on the screen together and it will be exciting for the connections between Kong: Skull Island to flourish.



It has been 18 years since M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable hit theaters. The film presented a universe where the idea of superheroes is told from a much more realistic and grounded approach. It was a unique thriller starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson that is certainly worth recognition. In 2016 the film Split shocked audiences not only with James McAvoy’s brilliant performance, but also in the films direct connection to Unbreakable. With the two of them established as existing in the same universe it only made sense to make a film that would bridge the two. In 2019 Glass is set to hit theaters, but Comic Con was the perfect place to debut a trailer for this highly anticipated and unique superhero film. The trailer promises more of Shyamalan’s unique style and looks to be a sequel worthy of both Split and Unbreakable which made it’s reveal even more exciting.

DC Universe


One of the biggest announcements this year was of the creation of an all DC streaming platform that has ambitions of changing the way streaming platforms are handled. While this network was announced beforehand we got the news during Comic Con that it would cost around $7.99 a month. In addition to pricing info there was a trailer released for the series, Titans. It surprised fans with it’s dark tone and gruesome violence from Dick Grayson. This includes the now viral line, “Fuck Batman”. While the trailer itself has received a mixed reception, the streaming service itself is a big enough deal that it will certainly have a unique place within comic fandom and that made a splash at Comic Con.



There is a lot to compact when discussing the events of San Diego Comic Con every year. It’s such a massive event and there is often so much news to cover that picking the best can be difficult. With that being said these trailers and announcement encapsulated the variety present at these events. While comics and comic book movies top the announcements there is often enough room for other types of genres to make waves. This year’s comic con was great for its variety and for the trailers we did get to see. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of geeky related material seeing as it’s ever present now in all forms of media. While Comic Con may be over for this year there is a lot to look forward to within the next year as well as for SDCC 2019.


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