Why ‘Genre Films’ Aren’t Given The Respect They So Often Deserve

It is the beginning of 2019 which means it is officially award season for film and television. The 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards was just held with some of the most widely praised films of the year being put up for nominations and even some winning a few awards.  It was a milestone that Black … Continue reading Why ‘Genre Films’ Aren’t Given The Respect They So Often Deserve


2018’s Biggest Geek Films

2018 was another brilliantly chaotic and fascinating year not only in the perspective of the World itself, but in terms of film, art, and content for Up Your Geek. I had the incredible opportunity to join the Up Your Geek family to bring my own perspective onto this lovely website and to contribute during some … Continue reading 2018’s Biggest Geek Films

Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Guest review by: Callum The Critic You can check his film blog here I am not going to open up my introduction with a typical comment on the DCEU because I feel like I have nothing new to say about it and I would rather stay focused on “Aquaman” himself. As far as heroes within … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Outrageously Entertaining

Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Stan Against Evil Panel!!

Stan Against Evil is the perfect combination of well-balanced character interaction, horrific imagery, and over the top humor! Lucky for us, season three of Stan Against Evil premieres TONIGHT, October 31st on IFC at 10pm ET! For those wanting a creepy comedic appetizer, here is the remastered audio from the Stan Against Evil panel from … Continue reading Phoenix From NYCC 2018: Stan Against Evil Panel!!

What Makes A Great Horror Game

The Halloween Season continues to bring about it’s scares, it’s fun, and its celebration of allowing a safe way to unleash the creepiness in all of us. It’s a fun time of the year that has become something of a big deal to myself as I take all of October to celebrate and in doing … Continue reading What Makes A Great Horror Game

Super Villain Solo Films: Why They Are A Product Of A Lucrative Trend

Superhero films are everywhere. They are either constantly being announced or they are constantly being promoted. Even in the world of television, superhero properties are a constant. There is no way to avoid seeing them and for many people including myself we love having the variety of these comic book characters on multiple screens. There … Continue reading Super Villain Solo Films: Why They Are A Product Of A Lucrative Trend

Da Phoenix Den – Episode 5: The Art of Inclusion!

"Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!" - Alpha 5 Back from the ashes! I sit down with the man himself, the owner of Up Your Geek, Lamar Cain! We talk about Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, and why the f*ck we can't just get along! https://soundcloud.com/user-53220043/da-phoenix-den-episode-5-the-art-of-inclusion