Crunchyroll Brings New Crunchy City to Fans at Home Worldwide for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

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Crunchyroll Brings New Crunchy City to Fans at Home Worldwide for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

Hey Freaks and Geeks! If you’re a fan of anime you’re in for a real treat! Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, is preparing for the first-ever Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, a digital take on Crunchyroll’s yearly flagship convention. The weekend will be packed with panels, premieres, guests, performances, and more. This year, the global anime community is invited to explore the New Crunchy City from the comfort of their own home to celebrate the best and brightest in Japanese animation.

What Fans can expect:

  • A huge lineup of guests including the legendary horror artist Junji Ito, as well as creative staff and voice actors from Crunchyroll Original series like “The God of High School,” “EX-ARM,” “GIBIATE,” and “Noblesse” as well as “Dr. STONE” among many others.
  • World and domestic U.S. premieres of both the monstrous “GIBIATE” episode 9 and the first five minutes of the Crunchyroll Originals series “Noblesse.”
  • A stellar lineup for the “Professional Athletes of Anime” panel including Aries Merritt, Olympic Gold Medalist for Team USA in track and field, Cole Anthony, a rising star in the American basketball scene playing for the North Carolina Tar Heels and Miro, streamer and professional wrestling champion (appearing on WWE under the name Rusev). 
  • An extensive slate of panels including a “Rent-a-Girlfriend” Q&A with the voice actors, a discussion on race in anime from Arthell Isom (CEO of D’ART Shtajio) and Roland Kelts (author of “JAPANAMERICA”), a conversation with horror artist Junji Ito on anime’s best cats, legendary Rock M. Sakura as a judge for Hime’s Cosplay Cup, discussion from black women pioneering the anime fandom space in the panel, “Black Girl Magic: anime edition,” industry panels from Crunchyroll and Crunchyroll Games, and much more! 
  • Crunchyroll Games to showcase exclusive gameplay content and announcements alongside the game developers and creative staff of NextNinja, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Gaudium, the studio behind the upcoming Crunchyroll Game, “Grand Alliance.”
  • The Crunchyroll Store will also be releasing tropical-themed apparel celebrating V-CRX 2020 later this week. Fans should stay tuned to for more information.
  • An immersive take on a virtual New Crunchy City, where To explore New Crunchy City fans can navigate through a series of districts similar to what fans are used to seeing at conventions: panel, premieres, and screenings in the Theater District; fan activations and activities in the Super Arcade; artist alley where fans can purchase directly from each artist’s store in the Anime Arts District; and an exhibitor hall in the Central Shopping District.
  • Musical performances from Myth & Roid and TeddyLoid. 
  • Panels will be available to stream live in the Theater District at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, and will be uploaded to the V-CRX On-Demand section periodically throughout the weekend to ensure fans can catch up on any of the action they might have missed. 
  • International registration for V-CRX is open at The global anime community is encouraged to sign up for a free pass for this year’s event to catch all the action, announcements, guest panels, and more.

Where: Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Website

Fans can register for free here: Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Registration

When: Labor Day Weekend – Friday, September 4 – Sunday, September 6

If you want a fun anime filled weekend of all the crunchyroll content you can handle, don’t hesitate to check out their biggest virtual weekend of the year!

L. Lamar is Owner/CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Chief Content Officer of Up Your Geek. He hails from Philadelphia, PA. He is a writer, reporter and interviewer as well, and has been covering a wide range of pop culture and entertainment news and events for the last 5 years. Opinions expressed are my own.

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